Everglades Tours in the Everglades National Park

Everglades Tours in the Everglades National Park

The Everglades Hostel offers a wide variety of Everglades Tours from November to March.

Our Passionate Wilderness Guides have a great love and understanding of the Everglades and are excited to share this wilderness with you!

Choose from:
Full Day Everglades Tours $100-120- Canoe or Kayak in the Everglades! Our Full Day Tours are great for those who want to see all 9 Eco-Systems of the Everglades National Park.  Enjoy a relaxing pace spending 8 Hours in the Everglades.

Morning Everglades Tours $65 to 75-  Enjoy the quite awakening of the Everglades on our Morning Everglades Tour. Great if you have places to go after the tour. Add Kayaking for $15 more

Afternoon Everglades Tours $65 to 7 -Another great option for seeing the park for those short on time or budget! Add Kayaking for $15 more

Everglades Night Walks $30- A Relaxing Evening and easy introduction to the park. Stroll on paved trails and boardwalks under the Stars and Feel the Everglades Come Alive!

Full Moon Paddles in the Everglades $75- A truly unique experience. Imagine paddling under the full moon and stars in the Everglades! Venturing into the Cypress Dome Forests with the moonlight filtering through the tress and the night sky reflected in the crystal clear water.