Visit our friends in Colombia! Eco-Hostel Medellin

Visit our friends in Colombia! Eco-Hostel Medellin

Eco Hostel Medellin



Visit Paola at her own Eco-Hostel Medellin in Colombia!





Sleep-If you are planning a trip to the beautiful city of Medellin-Colombia and need to find some affordable but peaceful accommodation in the countryside, look no further than the Eco Hostel Medellin. You and your friends will be exposed to new people from different cultures. Their goal is to introduce  hostelers to the beauties of the Mountains every morning and all the outdoor activities that are indigenous to nature.



Eat-at the Slow Food Vegetarian Restaurant

  • No microwave, frying, preservatives, genetically modified food, or high in cholesterol products.
    Eco Hostel Medellin composts and grows choosing to create a from soil to table and back to soil experience.

Hang- with Paola, visionary of the Eco Hostel

Volunteer- Paola is also looking for some dedicated volunteers from July to August or September to October

A mountain view of the Hostel...

Play- at the eco-hostel