July Weekend Wellness Retreats

July Weekend Wellness Retreats
When: Back to Calendar July 6, 2013 (all-day)
Where: Everglades Intl Hostel
20 Southwest 2nd Avenue
Florida City,FL 33034
Cost: $15 per day for Classes $10 for Juice Bar
Contact: Rafa El Raheem

Wellness Weekend Juice bar

Rafa El Raheem- Qi Gong and Wellness Guide

It  is  a pleasure to welcome you all  to join us for our Wellness Weekend  Retreats at the Everglades International Hostel during the month of July.
Please join us the 4 weekends in July for our Wellness



  • Weekend of July 6 Schedule:

7:15 am- 8:15am Sunrise Warm Up Qi Gong

Break , Tea Time8:15am-9:15am

Tui Na Massage Demos with Danesha Anderson-Danesha Anderson BIO-FD
Tui Na is a style of massage that is practiced under Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Read more below

9:45 am -11:45 am  In depth Qi Gong Sets
Juice Bar is Open!Free Time for Day Activities

Massage with Sound Healing Demos by Cesar Yenkenes
11:00am to 6:00pm
Tui Na Massage Demos, on call 1:45pm-4:15pm

Sound Healing with Kevin  Kage 5:15 – 6:15 https://www.facebook.com/iamkevinkage www.durtymics.com

7:15 pm-8:15 pm – Sunset Qi Gong Review of the days practice, Meditation, Warm up, Qi Gong Sets

Raw Foods Dinner! – menu coming soon!


We are expecting a great turnout! Space is limited so please  reserve with us early.
Your contribution will include classes and day time enjoyment of hostel amenities:
Permaculture GardensSpring fed waterfallKitchen, 24 hour accessOutdoor showerBBQ grillsTree houseYoga loungeFree WiFiMusical instruments: antique pianos, didgeridoos, guitar
Event Fee-All for Only $15 per person, per day(***an additional $10 for the detox & cleansing class, which includes herbal teas and freshly prepared JUICE!!!)
For tickets and or lodging reserve here
Lodging Rates for those who want to spend the night-
$15 per person per night, to “crash”  in shared common spaces: gazebo, tree house, and yoga lounge
$18 per person per night, to Camp (must bring own tent)
For more lodging options (dorm rooms, private rooms) please click on the link below


About your events’  Wellness Guide Rafa El Raheem
As the hostel’s Traveling Artist of the Month, I’ll be sharing my personal philosophy towards holistic living along with the methods, practices and techniques I’ve applied to aid in our collective journey of healing.
To be healthy is to be whole. Religions and Yogic practices at their root are meant, to make us whole, allowing us to experience the bliss and serenity we once had as very young children. Unifying, Creator, Creatures, and Creation. We are at our most harmonious state in life when we are developing fetuses in the womb of our mothers’ All religious and yogic practices are meant  to aid us in attaining and maintaining a perfect state of health.
Feel free to ask me questions pertaining to all matters of wellness.We are in this together, and I learn more from you, as we share. I strive to stay informed in the latest trends in wellness, to provide you with the best information possible in a simplified manner, allowing you to make the decisions that fit your lifestyle.
email: el.rafa.raheem@gmail.com
Please read more about me on Facebook

Remember to your bring your:Family: Companionship is healingOpen mind and open heart,  Good humor, Laughter is healingClothing that allows full range of motionSwim Suit


Danesha Anderson

Tui Na is a style of massage that is practiced under Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This very effective type of medical massage focuses on circulating Qi (“life force”) and reducing or removing obstructions such as muscle spasms or knots in the body. The various techniques used in this style allow the body and muscles to relax, leading to less pain and tension in problem areas. Some of the techniques include rolling, grasping, kneading, and finger springing. Tui Na increases the flow of Qi and blood, which ultimately aids in self-healing and the restoration of balance in the body. Tui Na is a great complement to Acupuncture and it uses the same points/channels to treat various issues. This form of bodywork is also a great way to sample Chinese Medicine for those who may be sensitive to needles. For more info on Tui Na check out: Tui Na: Chinese Bodywork by Bill Helm & Share K. Lew and/or Tui Na Structural Disorders Therapy Treatments by Bill Helm.

Contact-Danesha Anderson
Phone: 619-717-6339
Email: mizanihealing@gmail.com
Website: www.mizanihealing.com
Facebook: Mizani Healing

We are also welcoming you as cocreators  to contribute by showcasing, your talents during the day, and through nightly festivities. Hand drummers, dancers, fire performers, poets, capoeristas, martial artists, yogis, all around entertainers, teachers, and healers.
Performing Artists and time schedule,TBA
These events will be featured in Natural Awakenings Magazine: Broward, Gainesville, Tampa, Palm Beach and Sarasota Editions
To attend or be an artist contributor please contact us!
Everglades Int’l Hostel & Tours20 SW 2nd AVEFlorida City, FL  33034, United States
Tel: 305-248-1122 Email: gladeshostel@hotmail.com
For Directions Click Here
Thank You,
We wish you Health, Wealth and Prosperity!!!
Be Well!
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