Amenities and Pet Friendly

Kitchen House with Movie Room and Computer Room w/ 24 Hour access.

Free Parking.

Free All-U-Can Make & Eat pancake breakfast w/coffee or tea. We provide all the ingredients, you get all the fun in making your own pancakes.

Free Linens. We ask that if you can; travel green and bring your own sheets that would be great!

Free Computers to use in the Kitchen House w/24 hour access.

Free WiFi everywhere including the rope tree house.

Canoe Rentals, Year round.

Tours in the Glades! November to March- See the Real Everglades with a guide.

Whimsical Tropical Gardens

Waterfall for hot days and Sun Lounging.

Rope Tree House with wooden bridge and basket to haul up your things.

Communal Dinners when someone wants to cook!

BBQ and Cobb Oven.

Coin Laundry w/24 hour access- Free laundry detergent.

Spacious Unique 4 to 8 beds Dorm Rooms w/private bathrooms.

Spacious Unique 6 to 7 bed Dorm Rooms w/shared bathrooms.

Private Rooms with Shared Bathrooms. All linens and towels included with a reservation. Walk-ins can use your own queen size sheets or we have them for you.

Private Rooms with Private Bathrooms. All linens and towels included.

Deluxe Private Suites. All linens and towels included.

Special Offers of Dorm Rooms as Private Rooms for 4 to 8 people.

The Library Room – up to 4 people.

The Bijou Room – up to 6 people.

The Family Room – up to 8 people.

3 common bathrooms w/ 24 hour access.

Hot water outdoor shower w/24 hour access.

Towels $2 w/dorm bed reservations.

Pet Friendly – Please note Miami-Dade County has an ordinance prohibiting Pit Bulls. This ordinance changes without notice but it shows the general mentality against Pit Bulls.

Pet Friendly – Please be sure to read about Pit Bulls below.

We at Everglades Intl’ Hostel Love furry or in some cases not so furry travelers almost as much as our people travelers.

Our Pet Policy:

Pets are allowed in any of our Private Rooms or Private Dorms and Your Own Tent, Only.

If you are staying in a dorm room your pet needs to stay in your car.

Pets can never be left unattended even in the Private Rooms or tent!

Pets must always be leashed or perched on you when in the common areas!

Pit Bulls! Miami Dade County has an ordinance against Pit Bulls, you may read it was repealed in 2012 by vote but that vote was contested for bad language and the voters inability to understand it.

Here are our feelings – The county has an issue with Pit Bulls and a lot of power. If your Pit Bull Breed or 60% mix gets into any trouble the possibility of your beloved pet being put down before you can resolve the issue is great.

For travelers with Pit Bulls we ask that they not come to the hostel and maybe even bypass the county all together; this includes South Beach. It is unfortunate but the liability and possibility for disaster for you; your “baby” and the Hostel is too great in this county.

Please Contact Us for more info.