Everglades Tours

We offer our full tour schedule below; daily from November to March.

Special Everglades Tours

Summer Special Paddle – August to September
Join our amazing guides this summer! Paddle through saw grass prairies and mangrove tunnels. Walk on sightseeing trails. Get ready for extreme storm watching; extreme heat and the most abundant mosquito population in the world!

Full Day Everglades Tours

Kayak in the Everglades! Our Full Day Tours are great for those who want to see all 9 Eco-Systems of the Everglades National Park.  Enjoy a relaxing pace spending 8 Hours in the Everglades.

Morning Everglades Tours

Enjoy the quite awakening of the Everglades on our Morning Everglades Tours. Great if you have places to go later in the day. Wet Walks or Paddle Tours.

Afternoon Everglades Tours

See the Everglades Fully Awake on our Afternoon Tours. Another great option for seeing the park for those short on time or budget! Wet Walks or Paddle Tours.

Everglades Night Walks

A Relaxing Evening and easy introduction to the park. Stroll on paved trails and boardwalks under the Stars and Feel the Everglades Come Alive!

Overnights Tours in the Everglades

A truly unique experience. Imagine paddling under the full moon and stars in the Everglades! Venturing into the Cypress Dome Forests with the moonlight filtering through the tress and the night sky reflected in the crystal clear water.

All details and activities are decided by your guide on the day of the tour. Tours will go out in less than perfect weather condition.

Here is a quick note from our guides on weather, water levels and wildlife!

December to February

  • If the weather is perfect and mild expect an abundance of wildlife!
  • Good paddling and water in the domes!
  • Winter cold snaps can make the wet walk very cold and a lot of wildlife which had begun to appear will be harder to spot.
  • No Mosquitoes

“Tourist trails can be busy or empty depending on temperature and wildlife is erratic.”

February to April

  • Great weather!
  • A few mozzies beginning to appear.
  • Lots of wildlife in most places.
  • Lots of gators throughout the park. Crocodiles at salt water areas plus tons of birds! Snakes will be very active and easy to spot.
  • Water levels start to become low and paddling is shortened. The wet walk starts to become dry.

A Release of Liability must be sign to participate in everglades tours or rentals. You can download a Copy Here

To fully enjoy a day in Everglades National Park, you should bring a small day bag with the following:

  • Insect Repellent – Recommended if you are appealing to mosquitoes! For sale at the Hostel.
  • 1 Gallon of Water Per Person – Full Day Tours
  • 1 Liter Per Person – Half Day Tour & Night Walks
  • Snacks – something light and easy for All Tours (Lunch provided on Full day Tour Only)
  • Sun Screen – maximum SPF protection is best
  • Brimmed Hat & Sunglasses – keep your head cool and eyes open
  • Long Sleeve Shirt & Pants – to help keep the Bugs off
  • An extra change of clothes – for after the wet walk

The Hostel has some absolutely awful shoes for the wet walk! If you prefer your own we suggest something that is closed and fits tight. TEVAS are fine but little rocks can get under your feet.