Afternoon Everglades Wet Walk

Afternoon Wet Walk Tours

Depart  1:30pm | Return  5:30pm


Wet Walk  into the Cypress Domes; the most unique part of the Florida Everglades! Our Passionate Wilderness Guides will take you:

  • Wet Walking  into the Cypress Domes in the Dwarf Cypress Forests
  • Stroll along the Anhinga Trail

“Sun light filters through the trees and sparkles in the clear fresh water of this one of a kind paradise!”

What will you see?

Orchids! Bromeliads! Birds! Snakes! and hopefully an Alligator or two! After your wet walk in the domes an easy stroll on the Anhinga Trail before heading back

Afternoon Wet Walks Include:

  • Wet Walk Shoes!
  • Knowledgeable Wilderness Guide
  • Transportation
  • Park Entry Fees

A great way to see the Everglades if you are short on time. All details and activities are decided by your guide on the day of the tour.

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