The Hostel will be looking for our Season Crew this September

Commitment Dates – October 2014 to April 2015! If you want spend your winter here Get Ready!!!

Do you have a passion and knowledge for the Everglades?
Are you a great host? Do you love people? Do you love to stay busy? Is “work” a passion? Do you thrive on a dash (or spoonful) of crazy sprinkled with love? Are you forgiving, curious, happy and yes the always mandatory “self motivated”? Do you love living in Community or desire the experience?

In September we begin our in person interview process!

Each week a select number of people will stay at the hostel and participate in our unique interview process
What are we looking for? 1-3 are the foundation:

1. Knowledge of the Everglades and activities through the main entrance – 10 miles west of the hostel
2. Knowledge of the Hostel, policies, rates, options & philosophy
3. Desire to keep the Everglades Hostel magic for all who come and keep secret what it really takes to keep that magic alive!!

Interested? Send us an email at with the subject ATTENTION: CAROL 2014 – 2015