Traveling Artists

If you are or know of a traveling artist who has been to our hostel, send us your info!


Ofer Amichai- On the Road Again

Ofer Amichai- Traveling Solo Stag Bolo

Ofer and his brother traveled through the hostel this year.

They were fearless in getting deep into the Everglades. It was a blast to see all the pics
Follow Ofer on his FaceBook Page or catch up with him at his next gig somewhere in the World

Sky- The Author to Behold

Meet Sky! Writer and Volunteer Extraordinaire!

We had the inimitable pleasure of Sky’s presence as volunteer and artist through the winter of 2013.

Explore her web site We are sure you will enjoy!
Below  is an excerpt of her most recent story taking place in the gardens of the Hostel.


Snaffery-April 13, 2013 

The pigeon cocked its head, turning one round eye toward Elyse.

Elyse had both eyes turned toward it. She took a bite of her sandwich, keeping one hand on her lunch bag beside her.

“Pigeons, they are full of snaffery, all the time, I tell you,” her grandfather had said once. “You cannot turn your back on them.”… Read More

Nanfu Wang-

Nanfu Wang

We had the honor of having Nanfu stay with us this winter.

She created the video for Ashley and Rama’s eat.sleep.folk

She is so dedicated to her work, when she had an opportunity to travel with Dillon, she packed all her belongings; shipped them him home and headed off with just her camera and a change of clothes.  She created “Dylan’s Streets”
A bold and raw look at the life a young man, exploring his world and pushing boundaries.

See her story in her own words! It is an amazing Journey.

Here is a link to her website-


La Reine Sucree-

Reine at her “la Reine Sucree”

Reine and Marco have been coming to our hostel before we had walls or trees and before they had their daughter!

She took the big jump 2 summers ago and opened her dream, giving up a great career as an interior designer. She mixes all her talents and has created a very unique cafe. This summer will be her 3rd year!

Visit her and her beautiful family the next time you are in Belgium!

“La Reine Sucree” A cycling and walking café, located at five final street 102 – 3530 Houthalen-Helchteren

Tina and Her Pony-


Tina and Her Pony Fell in Love at the Hostel; ahhh!!

Support Tina and her Pony and bring their music into your world!

Tina & Her Pony formed in Asheville, N.C., in 2009 following the chance meeting of Tina Collins (tenor banjo, tenor ukulele, guitar, vocals) and Quetzal Jordan (cello, guitar, vocals). Collins and Jordan spent the last two years holed up in the high desert mountain town of Taos, N.M., making music and friends, and becoming one of the iconic artist colony’s most beloved performing acts.

Tina and Her Pony Tour Schedule


Sweet Water Revolver

Sweet Water Revolver







In 2003 Ashton found 21 year old Rama performing solo at an eclectic independent coffee house in Tampa Florida and invited Rama to come to see her next show. The rest is history. Sweet Water Revolver was formed in 2005 by band members Ashton and Rama Cheromaya. Later graced by the robust cello improvisation of Rama’s sister Quetzal Jordan who joined the band loosely in 2008.

Ashton slings all her powerful sweetness into her leather and lace lead vocals, as she bangs out a labyrinth of rhythmic guitar licks; Rama grounds the sound through deeply rooted rhythms, bridging the breadth with her delicately woven vocal harmonies.
May 2006, Sweet Water Revolver began their first North American tour. A hardcore trek lasting four years and snaking back and forth across the vastness of North America driven by their desire to live out their dreams reaching millions of people.
In August 2010 the Cheromaya’s finally took a break from the road to settle on an enchanting island rain forest that they first discovered in on their honeymoon adventure in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia in 2008.
Sweet Water Revolver is currently working on new material for their first professionally mastered, fully produced studio album, featuring Ashton making it with her first love, the piano. Release date is Scheduled for June 1st 2013 at The Flying Dreams Temple on Salt Spring Island British Columbia Canada.

Bill McLaughlin-

Tramping Through Mexico and other Adventures









Bill McLaughlin was born in the later half of the last century. He has worked as a freelance journalist and independent radio producer. After spending more than a decade as an itinerant writer and gardener, living and traveling in a 1973 VW camper bus, he now homesteads in upstate New York where he hauls water, chops wood, and ponders the Rights of Nature, late frosts, and black flies.Check out his Wild Earth Farm.

Our Favorite Books:

Tramping through Mexico and other adventures

You will find the beginnings of the hostel in this book!

Breakfast and a cigarette by Bill McLaughlin

Bill’s latest book

Breakfast and a Cigarette: A Novella in Four Directions:

Ray Waldron has just lost his wife, his job, his house, and his car—and he’s never been happier. Breakfast and a Cigarette is the story of Ray’s journey from indentured consumer to emancipated human being. As Ray slips the chains of his corporate masters, he discovers the hidden worlds of anarchy, nomadism, and voluntary simplicity. Along the way, Breakfast and a Cigarette celebrates the art of busking, probes transsexual love, taunts the corporate paradigm, and documents the harrowing psychological consequences of riding a Greyhound bus.

Mo-Z Art-

Our Front Entry right after install in 2000 By Mo-Z Art - Thank You Morgan and faith!








Morgan and faith have created many of the Murals in our hostel and our front entry mosaic!

M0-Z-Art are accomplished artists of many mediums.

We were lucky enough to have them here to install our signature front entry.

Check out all their work at their website