Everglades National Park Canoe Trails

Everglades National Park Flamingo Canoe and Hiking Trails Map

Nine Mile Pond:

There’s two versions to this trail, the 5.2 mile loop and the short cut. You need at least 4 hours for the longer trail and two for the shorter one. This trail travels through a fresh water marsh and small shallow ponds. It is an excellent alligator habitat in the dry winter months.

Mud Lake Loop:

This trail is best if started at Coot Bay Pond on Flamingo Hwy. A beautiful cut takes you thru mangroves into Coot Bay. Here you can find manatee, dolphin, otters, sharks, crocodiles, and is a great place for fishing, (licenses are required for fishing, check at marina ) follow coot bay to Mud Lakes entrance. This is a spectacular way to enter Mud Lake which earns it name well! follow the markers thru to bear lake canoe trail which is a 30 minute paddle down a straight trail to a 200 yard portage that takes you to the Buttonwood canal. head back up to coot bay and back to coot bay pond. this trail is an awesome 5 hour paddle in the winter and hell during mosquito season. In the summer just out into Coot Bay is nice, about an hour or two.

Hell’s Bay:

“Hell to get into and hell to get out of.” was a popular phrase used about the Hell’s Bay area by locals of years past. This trail can be as short or as long as you want, winding through a maze of mangroves and small ponds with the first of 3 back country campsites only 3 miles from the trail head. This trail is excellent for a ” no brainer”, easy to get to, overnight trip!

Noble Hammock:

This 2 mile loop is off the main highway and winds through a maze of mangroves and small ponds, including some saw grass areas. This trail might be short but it takes about three hours to complete as it has many sharp turns and tight passage ways.

West Lake:

This trail begins at West Lake and travels thru open water areas and enclosed waterways and creeks. Mangroves surround you as you paddle thru this alligator and crocodile habitat. Travel thru West Lake, Long Lake and the Lungs before reaching Alligator Creek. Alligator Creek joins with Florida Bay at Garfield Bight and there is a back country campsite at this location. West Lake trail is a full day trip and checking weather and winds is a must before hand.

Wilderness Waterway:

A rough and rugged 99-mile paddle from Flamingo all the way up to Everglades City you’ll never forget!